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2023 Mini Sessions

2023 Mini Session 

Mini Sessions are great ways to have short photo shoots to capture this phase in you and your family's life. Over the next couple of months, Safia Joy Photography will be offering a series of mini sessions for children, families, and professions, alike. Each are build to be quick ways for people to get the photos they want without spending tons of time giving cheesy grins. 


All Digital Prints: $100
8 Wallets: $4.00
4X6: $2.00
5X7: $3.00
8X10: $4.00
11X14: $7.00
16X20: $25.00
20X30: $35.00
How Does It Work?

Reserve your spot with a non-refundable $10 and meet me for your time. No later than three weeks after your session, you will receive a link with your digital prints. You can then purchase the digital images or take advantage of the prints that are offered. It sounds that easy because we try to make it just that easy for you. 

Upcoming Schedule

Below is the schedule of the upcoming mini session offerings. Feel free to ask about the locations, if you have any questions. More locations will be added in the coming weeks. 


Color Pop Corner (Located behind Marbles Kids Museum)

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