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Who's Behind the Lens?

Hello. I am Tabitha Blackwell. Let's get the basics out of the way, so we can really get to know one another. I live in Durham, NC with my partner and our old soul of a 2 year old daughter, Safia. That's right, I did a very cliche thing and named my company after my kid, so it's going to be super awkward if I ever have another one. 

I know that picking a photographer can be tough, so you should know who you are getting and what they believe in. Here are 5 things I believe in:

  1. I believe travel is an essential part of live. In the wise words of Jimmy Buffet, Changes in latitude, changes in attitude. 

  2. I believe you can't travel, a book is an amazingly powerful tool in broadening your perspective and vision. 

  3. I believe music is like air and breathing. (Clearly! I am quoting lyrics in number one.)

  4. I believe everyone should be capture in print for generations after to remember. While hard drives crash and technology becomes obsolete, the simple magic of ink on paper or canvas that captures a moment in time is priceless. 

  5. I believe that despite the chaos of a wedding day or a unhappy toddler who is ready for a nap, there are slivers of seconds where connections are made. Those moments are what I live for. Quieting the madness and pixelating all life's feels.

Ask Me Anything

What app could you not live without right now?


Personal: Instacart! We would not have groceries if I didn't.


Business: Alpenglow takes the guess work out of when the best light will be for a given day.

What is your favorite local place to photograph?


Lately, I have been loving Camden Park near Fearrington Village. I am a sucker for a good waterscape and their pond makes and amazing backdrop to a photo. It's an Instagram dream!

What are the top 5 places I have traveled to?


Glacier National Park, Austin, Portland, Cuba, and Vancouver 




Contact Me

Lead Photographer/Owner

Tel: 919-421-4061

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