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FaceTime Photo Session

What is a FaceTime Photo Session? 

This is a creative way to capture this unprecedented time. While these may not be high-resolution photos - they will be high-quality memories. Take 20 or 30 minutes out of your normal stay at-home routine, get dressed up (if you’re like me it’ll be the first time in like 2 months you’ve put makeup on) and have some fun with your loved one. This is a fun and easy way to capture this crazy time of quarantine. 

Pay is on a Sliding Scale: $30, $40, $50. You pick! This is meant to be fun, so the amount is up to you. Once you schedule your time, you will have the opportunity to submit your deposit.

How Does It Work?

You can have a session with us from anywhere around the world!!!  Shooting remotely while FaceTiming with a client through our phones or our Mac Computers. You will need the following items for your session:

  • iPhone running iOS 11 or later. If you have an Android, feel free to contact me directly. We may be able to use Zoom on your phone to create a similar effect, but I am still testing. 

  • Either a Phone Tripod or a super cleaver way to position your phone at your eye level when standing or sitting.

  • A room with great window light or an outdoor setting (remember, you must comply with your state rules on social distancing and/or locations you are allowed to go outside).

What Is A Session Like?

STEP ONE:  I will start with a quick FaceTime consultation so you can show me your space and together we will find the best spots in your home or outdoors for your session.  Utilizing natural light is key, so we will want a spot in a room either close to a window, or an entire room that’s flooded with sunlight.  Then we go over your options on how to prop up your phone for the session.  We can even have a look at your outfits to help you decide what will look best!

STEP TWO: The Session:  After we get your phone set up and positioned well for the shoot, then the creativity and fun can begin!  I will guide you through everything!

STEP THREE:  After the session your images will be professionally edited on our computers then uploaded to your own personal gallery where you can download them and post to your socials. 

Keep In Mind:
  • The photos from these sessions are not as high of quality as regular photo sessions. I don’t recommend printing them larger than 5×7. 

  • Whether you receive color or black and white edits will depend on the lighting. Darker lighting just looks better in black and white 

  • I’m not limiting or promising a certain number of images from each session. There are too many variables out of my control to promise any certain set of images, but I will do my best to deliver as many pictures as possible.

  • Unfortunately, you must have an iPhone, iPad, or Apple laptop to participate. If you have an Android and are interested, feel free to drop me a line. 

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